Venus Williams has officially decided to withdraw from the ASB Classic in New Zealand

As continues to battle Sjogren’s syndrome, many are questioning the future of his tennis career. Williams has not made an announcement on the withdrawal from the Australian Open in 2012, but lost a lot of races in 2011 and reduced the number of events.

No ASB Classic for Venus

The ASB Classic was to be the first tournament of Venus’ in 2012. Scheduled to last from January 2 to January 7, this new tennis tournament Zealand proudly listed Williams as a competitor through December 20. His sudden decision to retire was based on health reasons.

Future events for Venus

Sjogren’s syndrome is a chronic disease that is difficult to treat. Although Venus Williams is determined to return to play tennis professionally, the disease has already forced the tournament beginning at the end of 2011 and withdraw from ASB Classic. It will be able to compete in the Australian Open? It ‘difficult to assess its progress and the condition because he has not given many details. However, his inability to participate in the competition in New Zealand is not a good indicator.
The media is wrong about Sjogren’s Syndrome

Many media have erroneously reported that Venus Williams “still reeling” from the disease. Sjogren’s Syndrome Foundation points repeatedly that this disease has no cure. Although there are treatments that can alleviate symptoms and make life more comfortable for patients, it is not possible for a person to recover completely from Sjogren’s syndrome. Unfortunately, the idea that Williams is recovering from an illness is not only incorrect and confuses fans.

Venus Williams may continue to play tennis?

Sjogren’s syndrome is an immune disease that affects many parts of the body. The mucous membranes tend to be hit first with dry eyes, dry mouth and dry skin as major problems. Many people suffer from joint pain, stiffness, muscle aches and fatigue. It seems that Venus Williams is experiencing multiple symptoms of this disease which prevents her from competing.

And ‘Sjogren’s syndrome can be managed with various medications and treatments. However, the lack of a cure prevents the eradication of this disease. Williams has previously allowed to change his diet and taking seriously the disease, but symptoms are still causes her problems. His career continues to be in danger as they fight to save his health.

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