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Venus Williams has officially decided to withdraw from the ASB Classic in New Zealand

As continues to battle Sjogren’s syndrome, many are questioning the future of his tennis career. Williams has not made an announcement on the withdrawal from the Australian Open in 2012, but lost a lot of races in 2011 and reduced the number of events. No ASB Classic for Venus The ASB Classic was to be […]

Uruguay were named South American team of the Year for 2011 by prestigious French magazine ‘France Football.

Uruguay has been appointed team South American of the Year for 2011 by the prestigious French magazine ‘France Football’. Two-time world champion has won the prize, ahead of Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela and Paraguay. The Uruguayans continued to improve their performance in the World Cup, when they finished in fourth place, lifting the Cup for a […]

Top 10 biggest soccer stadiums on the globe

Top 10 biggest soccer stadiums on earth The key soccer stadiums internationally. A number of would be the most widely used labels on this planet, like Wembley combined with the Nou Escape but most I’m self-assured someone haven’t recognized. Japan may be the major area for this kind of list plus a number of sides, […]